Fleet Management Solutions

When it comes to telematics, there's no need to look anywhere else. WABCO is a one-stop-shop, offering truck, driver and trailer information in one single platform, and the comprehensive services of Europe's leading fleet management specialist.



WABCO Fleet Management Solutions

Highly innovative, cost-efficient and easy-to-fit fleet management solution addressing small to medium-size commercial fleets.

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Transics Fleet Management Solutions

Part of the WABCO Group, with over 20 years in Fleet Management Solutions for commercial vehicles. Transics is your trusted advisor in fleet management premium solutions and telematics.

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A highly advanced system which delivers all the data that both driver and HQ need to make sure everything is running just as it should.

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Intelligent Trailer Fleet Management System

Real-time access to the vehicle location, status and more; multi-dimensional full-image monitoring, providing access to information at a glance.

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Expertise in infringement management and payroll preparations, in an advanced technological environment, to offer you a total, efficient service time management solution.

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