Brake & Stability Control

Whether it's the latest electronic system or a proven solenoid valve, there's always one thing that WABCO delivers with them. Quality. With quality comes safety and reliability: the two most important words in vehicle braking and stability control.


Building on decades of experience gained from pioneering advanced braking systems, WABCO creatively engineered the commercial vehicle industry's first modular braking system platform.

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If a vehicle becomes unstable this intelligent system automatically intervenes to reduce rollover, skidding and jackknifing risk.

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A step closer to autonomous driving, this innovatively engineered electro-pneumatic parking brake helps improve vehicle safety and driver comfort.

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Air Valves for Brake Control

High quality products with a 100-year heritage – including hand brake, foot brake, load sensing, relays, 3/2 solenoids and trailer control valves.

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