What WABCO people say about WABCO…


Simon Leonard

Product Engineering

I still remember my first days at WABCO. Like every new employee, I was nervous, so I very much appreciated the excellent support I received from all my colleagues, which made it easy for me to learn and adapt to my new role.

My suggestion for newcomers: Grab every opportunity to learn, explore different strategies and seek guidance from your team. 



Jens Rümenapp

Manufacturing & Logistics

With its diverse talent programs WABCO always motivated me to further develop my career, from an apprentice to my current position as Value Stream leader. Asking questions, understanding the organization and building up a good network helped me a lot in achieving this career level - I think these key factors are also very important for newcomers at WABCO.



Tomasz Galazka

REMAN Solutions

We at WABCO have a special responsibility for our products as they are crucial for the safety of commercial vehicles. This doesn't only require a high level of technological expertise but also a strong dedication to quality and readiness to learn and improve every day.



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