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Here you'll find WABCO diagnostics software, precision tools and an Optimal Brake Calculator. Also there's everything you need to know about our trailer training model and training courses from the WABCO Academy.


Specialized tools for professional diagnostics

Medical specialists and commercial vehicle repair professionals face pretty much the same challenges. They both have to examine (sometimes vague) reported symptoms, find the cause, and suggest an appropriate treatment to cure the problem. Treating the patient is easy. But to come up with the right diagnosis, you need a medical degree, experience and a lot of specialized equipment.

Repairing commercial vehicles is easy too. When you know the cause of moist in a vehicle, it's no real challenge to replace the window seal. And once the ECU has told you the problem, changing the defective component on your trailer or truck is fairly easy too. Setting the right diagnosis is a specialist's work. This is what your customers expect from you, no less. You need all your knowledge and experience to detect the problem. And still, without the right tools, it is sometimes a trial and error you actually can not afford.

To make your job easier, WABCO now provides you with a complete range of high-tech diagnostic tools for commercial vehicles. With WABCO, you're the specialist.


A World of Difference

WABCO not only offers Workshop Solutions to make you a specialist. You can also follow training sessions on-line or in real life enabling you to configure advanced settings of WABCO ECU using WABCO diagnostic tools.


Our E-Learning tool can increase your knowledge and help to acquire abilities needed for specific repairs. The advantage of the e-learning is that you can assimilate according to your own schedule and at your own pace, possibly at work, at home or why not in an "Internet Cafe". Other advantages: less time and costs away from the job. For more info go to


Besides a academy, WABCO offers a whole range of Retrofit Solutions to help your customers primarily to save money on fuel or to have to guarantee a safer ride. OptiTire™ for example helps your customers to monitor tire pressure at all times saving them 2% fuel. Or our OptiFlow™ retrofit solution even saves you up to 5% of fuel. For more info go to


With Transics Fleet Management Solutions WABCO develops and commercialises software, hardware and services for the transport industry fleet operators that lead to more efficient and cost-effective processes, to more productive, safer and ecological driving and to improved customer services. For more information go to


All this and more under 1 single roof, WABCO. The new norm for differentiation


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